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Get the best pizza in Boston: North End

It might not be New York style pizza, but Boston pizza has it’s own merits—and  it’s about more than just those cheesy slices. Look into getting specialty pizza slices from a pizza place. 02109 residents know these specialty slices are topped of with meets, cheeses, vegetables, and even pasta. If you love the old standby cheese slices, terrific, but if you’re looking for a little something different, consider specialty pizza slices.

Specialty pizza slices with meat
Meat is a popular topping, even for the best pizza in Boston, North End. Ham, bacon, sausage, pepperoni, and chicken are some of the more common options, usually chosen in a combination. Meat lovers specialty pizza slices, for example, include sausage, pepperoni, and ground beef. You can even get a chicken parmesan slice.

Specialty pizza slices with vegetables
Don’t discount specialty pizza slices with vegetables; they aren’t just for vegetarians! An eggplant parmesan slice is among the best pizza in Boston, North End. These slices are just dripping with sauce, cheese, and eggplant. Throw in some zesty flavor with peppers and other seasonings.

You can even combine the two
One of the most popular slices of any pizza place is the Hawaiian slice: it’s a white pizza with pineapple and ham, along with cheese and tomato. Some versions also have peppers mushrooms and bacon, but the other ingredients are more common. Combining the two types of specialty pizza slices (meat and vegetarian options), has turned out to be a terrific choice.

Best pizza place: 02109 Boston

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting New York pizza. Boston pizzerias replicate the concept particularly well, especially when it comes to their specialty pizza slices. These options are coming out of the oven continuously, because they sell so well. Don’t waste your time looking for the best pizza in Boston. North End has the answer and they will cater to customers as much as possible. That means not running out of popular specialty slices and always having a piping hot option coming out of the oven.